How is your mental health? Mine is not great.

Track what is important to you

Last year I came across the saying ‘you measure what matters.’ At the time, I was trying to get a handle on my finances. With that as my guide, I tried to make a weekly commitment to track my budget. I still do a…

Identify the change you want to make

I consistently start my workday by tidying then dusting my office followed by journaling. I use this time (fifteen to twenty minutes max) of reflection to ensure I am living true to my values of connection, communication, and creativity.

If I notice that I regularly write “I am not doing…

Sometimes life just sucks!

This time seventeen years ago, I was in labour with my first child. This time was one of the most terrifying and emotional times of my life. The specialists had been and talked to my husband and me about the potential challenges we could be facing. I had been given…

But they can be successful, mostly…

I have been asked to give a talk about relationship skills. After 22 years of marriage, I think I have plenty to contribute.

No marriage/relationship is easy. It takes communication, caring and willingness to compromise to stay together. You both need to be committed to making the relationship work. Over…

There are idiots everywhere and they have a platform

Last night I made the mistake of jumping on Facebook for a quick scroll. I really need to stop doing this! One page that I follow is a pro-vaccine/science page. I read a post that I agreed with, then I read a couple of comments — most of which aligned…

Yes, I am prepared to die on these hills!

Organic food is bullshit!

Vaccine’s work!

You can’t eat/exercise yourself out of every medical condition.

Taking medication can be the only option.

Nature/natural can and will kill you — it does not give one single fuck about you.

Most people are 90% doing their best, and everyone is 10% arsehole.

Julie Kenny

Writer | Executive Coach and Trainer | Triathlete | Mother | visit me at

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