But they can be successful, mostly…

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There are idiots everywhere and they have a platform

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True bike fitness is all about riding day after day.

Yes, I am prepared to die on these hills!

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I miss my family.

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I’ve not been doing such an excellent job of it…

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This statement pisses me off for so many reasons. It is often used by women to men they live with as a reason they should help out around the house.

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I love my Sunday rides. We start late, keep it short and generally it’s about the chat and the coffee and not the calories burnt. Today in particular was a really good conversation.

woman wearing a cycling helmet and face mask. She has green eyes and looks to be smiling under the mask. Behind her is an out of focus happy looking child on bicycle also wearing a helmet. They are on a cycle path with a bridge, buildings and trees in the background.
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A selfi of a smiling woman wearing a cycling helment and sunglasses
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I read a lot and ignore life.

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Julie Kenny

Writer | Executive Coach and Trainer | Triathlete | Mother | visit me at https://www.garnettrainingandconsultancy.com/

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